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SSN proud to launch Promo Video for American Soccer League
Published on January 31, 2015
Soccer Sport Network is proud to announce the promotional video for the newest soccer league in the country, the American Soccer League.

A strong partnership that has already collected good fruits between the agency SSN and the league ASL is, one more time, proving to be as exciting as the news itself. After several meetings and talks between the leaders of the two companies, Matt Driver and Cleiton Bernardes, the idea to bring up a promotional video became not only great, but one extreme urge for the league to be introduced to its new fans, sponsors and all staff involved in the project. 


"It all started months ago when Matt approached our agency studios to deliver him his next best project. Right after his idea to build a whole soccer league in the United States. Well, as things progressed we had more meetings, we could come up with something like this exciting. Took us some time and a lot of discussions, all worthy, until we could really put everything together. But, at the end, we're really proud we became part of such a tremendous project for ASL. We believe this video is going to deliver ASL's true message. A league that has just started for a few time now but, it has definitely a lot to offer already. Thank you Driver for this opportunity to participate in this innovational project." 

Soccer Sport Network Studios


Watch the Promo Video firsthand here:


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